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Domestic Plubming Services

We provide entire range of residential plumbing services covering pipe work and plumbing fixtures installations & repairs as well as water appliences fittings and interior conversions. For your home plumbing requirements, look no further than London Heating Services.

Our cost effective domestic plubming services cover:

Domestic water supply pipes installation & maintenance
Radiators fitting, drainage, maintainance
Bathroom cold/hot watter fittings
Bathroom conversions
Bathroom appliences installations
Kitchen cold/hot watter fittings
Kitchen conversions
Kitchen appliences installations
Domestic burst & leaking water pipes

Domestic water appliances

We also undertake kitchens and bathrooms appliences fitting work. As part of our interior conversion work we always are glad to advise on your kitchen and bathroom fixtures choice. Our solutions include planning and installations of following appliences:

Hot / Cold Water Tanks
Blocked Drains
Toilets & Sinks
Bath cabinets
Tailing work

We offer discounts on majority of plumbing supplies as well as on bathroom and kitchen appliances once you decide to use our plumbing services.

To get in touch for your individual plumbing work estimate, contact our plumber Chris Adams directly on

07738 000977

or simply fill in our

easy quotation form

and we will contact you straight after.

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