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High efficiency (condensing) gas combination boilers
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Potterton condensing boilersPotterton High Efficiency Combination Boilers
Baxi condensing boilersBaxi High Efficiency Combination Boilers
Worcester condensing boilersWorcester High Efficiency Combination Boilers
Ariston condensing boilersAriston High Efficiency Combination Boilers
Vaillant condensing boilersVaillant High Efficiency Combination Boilers
Vokera condensing boilersVokera High Efficiency Combination Boilers
Glow-Worm condensing boilersGlow-Worm High Efficiency Combination Boilers

Standard efficiency gas combination boilers
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Potterton Combination Boilers
Saunier Duval Combination Boilers
Worcester Combination Boilers
Vaillant Combination Boilers
Vokera Combination Boilers
Baxi Combination Boilers
Biasi Combination Boilers
Ideal Combination Boilers
Glow-Worm Combination Boilers
Chaffoteaux Combination Boilers
Ferroli Combination Boilers
Main Combination Boilers

Here is comprehensive list of most popular combi boilers and boiler systems we service. If your boiler is not on the list, please contact us with your individual boiler model. Most often we would be able to service it.

Brand ManfacturerBoiler Models
VaillantAll combination boiler models

AristonACO 27 MFFI, ACO 32 MFFI, ACO System 27 MFFI, ACO System 32 MFFI, ecoCombi 24-27kW, ecoSystem 24-27kW, ecoGenus 24kW, ecoGenus 24 MFFi, ecoGenus 24 RFFi, ecoGenus CSB 24kW

Atmos Heating SystemsMulti 24/80 Condensing, Multi 24/80 Plus, Multi 32/80 Plus, Intersystem HE26, Interopen HE22

Baxi PottertonBaxi Combi 130 HE Plus, Baxi Combi 80 HE Plus, Baxi 100HE, Potterton Promax 15HE, Potterton Promax 24HE

Boulter BuderusBuderus 500 24 System, Buderus 500 28 Combi, Buderus 600 11 Regular, Buderus 600 19 Regular, Buderus 600 24 Regular, Buderus 600 11 System, Buderus 600 19 System, Buderus 600 24 System, Buderus 600 24 Combi, Buderus 600 28 Combi, Buderus 800 (all models), Buderus GB302 (all models)

Broag-RemehaSelecta Combi, Selecta System

FerroliArena 30C, Arena 30A, Maxima 35C

Gledhill12 OV/SP, 18 OV/SP, 25 OV/SP

Glow-worm (Hepworth)Energy Saver Combi 80, Energy Saver Combi 100

Ideal BoilersIcos HE 12, Icos HE 15, Icos HE 18, Icos HE 24, Icos System HE 24, Isar HE 24, Isar HE 30, Isar HE 35, Isar HE 260, Isar HE 325, Isar m 3080 Condensing, icos m3080, icos system m3080, Maximiser SE42

Malvern BoilersMalvern 1020, Malvern 2026

PottertonAll models

Ravenheat ManufacturingCSI System, CSI System (T), CSI Primary Condensing, CSI 85T Condensing, CSI 85T Condensing, CSI 85 Condensing

Saunier DuvalEcosy II 28E, Ecosy II SB28E, Enviroplus F24e, Enviroplus F28e, Enviroplus F28e SB

TriancoTriStar Optima, TriStar Optima

ViessmanVitoden 100

VokeraSyntesi 25e, Syntesi 29e, Syntesi 35, Hydra 26, Synergy 25e, Synergy 29e, Pinnacle 16, Pinnacle 26, Eclipse ESC 226, Eclipse ESS 216/226
WarmworldCondensing, FFC30/60, FFC 65/80, HE Combi

Worcester BoschGreenstar 28 HE System, Greenstar 25 HE Combi, Greenstar 30 HE Combi, Greenstar 27 HE Combi, Greenstar 27 HE System, Greenstar 28 HE Plus Combi, Greenstar 29 HE Conventional, Greenstar 40 HE Conventional, Greenstar 30 HE Plus Combi, Greenstar 40 HE Plus Combi, Greenstar 35 HE Plus Combi, Greenstar 12 Ri Regular, Greenstar 24 Ri Regular, Greenstar 440 Highflow

Note: All listed domestic boiler models come with aluminium heat exchangers


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