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Ariston MicroGenus 24 HE Condensing Combi Boiler
The Ariston microGENUS HE is now one of the UK's best selling gas boilers. The microGENUS HE is high efficiency Band B rated boiler which is fully compliant with the latest building regulations. The microGENUS HE achieves high level of efficiency by employing an additional heat exchanger or recuperator, which increases efficiency by extracting excess of heat from the flue gases.

  • upto 23.3 kW max. (Condensing) Boiler output performance
  • Boiler Dimensions - 315mm Deep - 400mm Wide - 700mm High
  • Bolier Efficiency Band B
  • Boiler electronic ignition
  • Boiler anti-scale device
  • Boiler anti-frost device
  • Fully modulating
  • Boiler outdoor sensor
  • C.H. Temperature adjustment
  • D.H.W Temperature adjustment
  • D.H.W plate heat exchanger
  • Integral on PCB chip auto-diagnotics
  • 2 year guarantee

    Other Available Ariston MicroGenus HE Condensing Combi Boilers:
  • Ariston MicroGenus 28 HE Condensing Combi Boiler (Output: 27kW)
  • Ariston MicroGenus 30 HE Condensing Combi Boiler (Output: 30.5kW)

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    Ariston ACo 27kW MFFI Condensing Combi Boiler
    Ariston ACo is a compact and easy to install boiler with plenty of room for easy access to all connections. This high efficiency boiler has a robust specification including automatic by-pass, anti scale, anti-frost device, electronic ignition, and on chip self-diagnostics. Ariston's standard water and gas connections jig-kit is supplied as standard with the ACO Combi (along with a filing loop) - this means that the new ACO combi can be fitted as a replacement for an older Ariston combi on it's existing Jig-kit.

    ACO incorporates the very latest of technology. A bespoke PCB which allows true flexibility of boiler function. This boiler has a new aluminium-silicon primary heat exchanger, produced using the most advanced automotive technology, which has been designed for long life. The ACO has also been designed from the outset to be compatible with Ariston's futuristic remote diagnostics package which will change the way boiler maintenance and servicing is carried out.

  • upto 27 kW max. (Condensing) Boiler output performance
  • DHW Flow Rate - 10.8 litre/min
  • Boiler Dimensions - 280mm Deep - 450mm Wide - 750mm High
  • Bolier High Efficiency Band A
  • Electronic ignition
  • Central Heating Temperature adjustment
  • D.H.W Temperature adjustment
  • D.H.W plate heat exchanger
  • Boiler P.C.B with Microprocessor
  • Boiler combustion analysis device
  • Boiler outdoor sensor
  • Boiler integral auto-diagnostics
  • Anti-scale device
  • Anti-frost device
  • Insufficient system pressure shutdown
  • Automatic bypass
  • Fully modulating

    Other Available Ariston ACo HE Condensing Combi Boilers:
  • Ariston ACo 32 HE Condensing Combi Boiler (DHW Flow Rate: 13.1 litre/min, Output: 32kW)

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    Ariston HE Condensing Combi Boilers common parts available for above boilers
  • Ariston 1m Horizontal Standard Coaxial Flue Kit
  • Ariston 1000mm Extension Pipe
  • Ariston HE vertical Flue with Black Terminal
  • Ariston HE Vertical Starter
  • Ariston HE Lead flashing Base Cap
  • Ariston HE Vent Cap Base for Flat Roof
  • Ariston 7 Day Digital Time Clock Kit

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